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  • Turkey is a modern country full of natural and historical beauties where social life is perfect.
  • Prices for living in the Turkey and education at the university are much cheaper than in America and Europe. Diplomas are also valid in Europe.
  • There are quality education opportunities at European standards.
  • There are many opportunities to find a job in your country or Turkey after graduation. (Especially in the field of health)
  • While studying at the university, there are part-time study opportunities.
  • There are scholarship opportunities for successful students.
  • There are nearly 8 million students studying in more than 200 universities in the Turkey.
  • There are 190 thousand International Students studying in the Turkey There are students from all countries.

  • Why Turkey?


    You can receive education languages of Turkish or English at European standards in any field you want at private and public universities in the country. (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry etc. Health Departments, Engineering, International Relations, Social Departments and Law etc.)

    Public universities are very cheap but generally Turkish education is provided and Students are taken by YÖS exam to bachelors. Private universities are paid but the language of education is Turkish / English and registration is done without examination and is done according to high school diploma grade.

    YÖS exam is not required for postgraduate education in the Turkey, it is sufficient to graduate successfully from your university. Some universities may request additional documents. Enrollments can be made in both semesters in spring and autumn. Duration of education is 2 years for Associate Degree, 4 years for Bachelor's degree, 2 years for post-graduate and 4 years for PhD.

    About Turkish Education System
    Higher Education System in Turkey
    Council Of Higher Education (YÖK)


    You can pursue an education in any field you wish in Turkey's Foundation and State Universities, such as Healthcare, Law, Politics, Engineering and Social Sciences.

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    In Turkey, there are scholarships given by the State and Social Society Organizations to successful students. These scholarships for bachelor, post-graduate and Ph.D. students cover education, accommodation and plane tickets. You can earn this scholarship after a challenging exam. Follow this website for exam and registration dates. Click here for scholarship details

    In addition, Private Universities provide scholarships at the rate of 25-50-75-100% to successful students according to their diploma grades and English levels. Students who earn this scholarship be entitled to a discount on their education fees. If you are very successful, you can earn 100% scholarship and study for free in private university. (These scholarships only cover the education fee)

    Tuition Fees

    Click for sample tuition fees.
    Note: Please see website of universities for actual information. The prices are annual and cover only the education fee.
    Average Living Expenditures (USD/month)

    Visa Transactions
    For the visa, you must have pre-registered at the Private University and have made an advance payment of $ 1000 to the university. In this case, an official “Letter of Acceptance and Invitation” is sent to you to obtain a visa.

    “Exam Result and Registration Certificate” will be issued for visa procedures at the public university.


    First of all, are you going to study at a public or private university? You should decide this. Next, which department would you like to study?

    If you want to study in Turkey, make your pre-registion. You can start the registration process from here.


    YÖS is an exam for students who want to study at Public Universities in Turkey. It is organized in various languages in Turkey and in many countries, usually in April-May.

    If you want to study at a public university, you have to pass the YÖS exam.

    Please click here for the current dates and conditions of YÖS Exam.


    If you want to learn the education conditions, scholarship opportunities of universities in Turkey and want to study in Turkey, we are waiting for you to these fairs. Fair Participation is Free of Charge. You can participate to the raffle in the program and get a scholarship.

    Do not forget to register online fair!
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    We Invite You To Turkish Universities Promotion Days
    NIGERIA (ABUJA): 13-14 June 2020 (Nicon Luxury Hotel)
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    Click here for the scholarship draw.
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    IRAN (TEHRAN): 02-03 July 2020 (Yunus Emre Cultural Center)
    Click here for the announcement.
    Click here for the scholarship draw.
    Click here for the Further Information.

    TUNISIA (TUNIS): 14-15 November 2020 (Hotel Africa)
    Click here for the announcement.
    Click here for the scholarship draw.
    Click here for the Further Information.

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    Reading and enrollment conditions at Turkish university .. Education fees and scholarship opportunities.. And more..
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